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  • Our company was founded in 1997. We have unique capabilities that provide in house solutions in all aspects of design/simulation/production for our costumers.
  • We have highly experienced team for design & production of toolings (21 years of experience) , casting simulation (16 years of experience), mechanical analysis (6 years of experience), and prototype production(10 years of experience).
  • We know about different brands of automatic moulding lines and core boxes machines not only production sides, but also casting simulation parameters.
  • For casting simulation of sand/die casting parts , we use Magmasoft that is the top level software and has proven capabilities. We can provide optimal gating & riser design to increase productivity and decrease casting defects before production of toolings.
  • For mechanical analysis, We use Solidworks Simulation Premium for part geometry analysis
  • We have +25 personnel working ,24hours( 3 shifts) / 6 days in a week.